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  • Sanctuary


    Our traditional worship service is held in our historic sanctuary. The sanctuary building was completed in 1923. Worship at 8:15 and 11:00 am Sundays.

  • Hydrate

    Contemporary Worship

    Called "Hydrate," our contemporary worship service is held in the Gym in our Activity Building, every Sunday starting at 9:30 am.

  • River Church

    River Church

    In the summertime, our 8:15 worship service is replaced by an ecumenical service on the shores of Lake Mitchell.

  • Hispanic

    Hispanic Worship

    For our Spanish speaking community, our San Juan Mission offers a worship service with a blend of contemporary and traditional styles. Worship starts at 11:30 am Sunday.


Announcements: »   "Each One Pray for One" initiative continues! More Info here. Pray all month for the family named on your card.

»   Weekly bulletins are now on our web site. You may view the bulletins by clicking this link: Bulletins Page.

»   The Chancel Choir is now rehearsing for the annual Christmas Program. Please join us!

»   Lynn had to change the approach used for sending out prayer updates. Signup here for the new mailing list to receive updates on those needing prayer.

Calendar:                 abbreviations key
AA = Alcoholics Anonymous
AC = Activity Center
CC = Crossroads Cafe
CM = Carlisle Miller
FH = Fellowship Hall
FthH, FtHs = Faith House
UR, UpR = Upper Room
WW = Weight Watchers