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Who is Jesus?

Nicky Gumbel pleads case for belief in Jesus as the Son of God.

  • first

    "first" Program 2014

    Give to God first, then plan family finances under the 10-10-80 approach.

  • Sanctuary


    Our traditional worship service is held in our historic sanctuary. The sanctuary building was completed in 1923. Worship at 8:15 and 11:00 am Sundays.

  • Hydrate

    Contemporary Worship

    Called "Hydrate," our contemporary worship service is held in the Gym in our Activity Building, every Sunday starting at 9:30 am.

  • River Church

    River Church

    In the summertime, our 8:15 worship service is replaced by an ecumenical service on the shores of Lake Mitchell.

  • Hispanic

    Hispanic Worship

    For our Spanish speaking community, our San Juan Mission offers a worship service with a blend of contemporary and traditional styles. Worship starts at 11:30 am Sunday.


Open Hearts. Open Minds. Open Doors.

All are welcome into a loving congregation of Christians.
CFUMC offers a broad spectrum of services and styles allowing all to worship and learn in an environment that is comfortable but challenging to the intellect and inspiring to the spirit.

Announcements: »   "Each One Pray for One" initiative is here! More Info here. Pray all month for the family named on your card.

»   Developed by Mike Slaughter, the "first" program is being presented in multiple modes to touch our entire membership this month and next. Let's all rethink whether we are putting God first. See more on our "Giving" page.

»   A partial scan, or in some cases the full document, of our weekly bulletin is now on our web pages. You may view the bulletins by clicking this link: Bulletins Page.

»   The Chancel Choir is now rehearsing for the annual Christmas Program. Get in on the ground floor and join in at 6:30 pm on Wednesdays for a wonderful, joyous blessing.

»   We are now on our new web host. There might be a few bugs to deal with but it's saving a pot of money!

Calendar:                 abbreviations key
AA = Alcoholics Anonymous
AC = Activity Center
CC = Crossroads Cafe
CM = Carlisle Miller
FH = Fellowship Hall
FthH, FtHs = Faith House
UR, UpR = Upper Room
WW = Weight Watchers