Activities for Adults

Wednesday Nights

Starting with a full supper at 5:30 pm for the entire family, Wednesdays are fun and fullfilling at First Methodist. After that nice meal, Adults focus is on Bible study. Numerous classes are always in progress. There will likely be one of particularly interest to you!

Adult Sunday School

Being a Methodist means methodical study of the Bible and that is just what you can have on Sunday mornings. Classes are offered primarily by age groups but all classes are open to all adults. Choose a class based on descriptions available and try it out. You can always switch and try them all! Every class will welcome you with open arms.

Music at CFUMC

Music is inspirational and helps you to get in touch with your spiritual side. CFUMC has a wide spectrum of music offerings for participation by those so gifted. From the traditional sound of our Chancel Choir accompainied by our wonderful pipe organ, to the modern sound of Elevate Praise Band, we are blessed with a rare collection of talent.

United Methodist Men

Our men's group at CFUMC is active in support of the community and our church. Offering subgroups for intensive prayer to a bass fishing group, there's something to appeal to the interest of every man.

United Methodist Women

With concern for assistance to the needy, First United Methodist Women at CFUMC don't just sit and gossip in "circles". They are actively pursuing God's work in numerous activities and annual events. You don't really have to be a woman but men likely wouldn't be comfortable in this group. : )

Merry Makers (M & M's)

If you are over 60, this group is for you. In addition to monthly meetings for a light breakfast where a devotional is shared, this group travels to interesting places like Savannah, GA and often to American Village at Christmastime.

Celebrate Recovery

This program began September 14, 2015 for those with hurts, habits and hangups. It addresses such issues through a Christ centered approach.

Outreach Missions

Not to be confused with the term "mission" when used as the purpose or objective of a group, CFUMC engages in efforts to spread the truths of Jesus Christ across our nation and the world.

San Juan Mission

For particular appeal to Spanish speaking persons, this mission is constantly spreading and opening new missions across Alabama and even one in Mexico. If you are not comfortable yet with a worship service in English and Spanish is your native language, you are welcome here. If you speak both English and Spanish, you will be especially welcome in the service to help others assimilate into the community.

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