A Bit About Our History

The history of Clanton FUMC is well summarized in the articles below from the Clanton Advertiser. A few facts of note that are not in the articles:

• While the main sanctuary building was completed in 1923, the attached Education building was not added until forty years later, completed in 1963 (according to history by Helen Parrish). This education building included rooms for Sunday School classes as well as an elevator to allow access to the upper floors more easily by elderly and disabled persons.

• The most recent addition to the church was the large "Activity Building", completed in 2002. This building includes a gymnasium in which the contemporary worship service is held, and a fellowship hall, study rooms and a full kitchen.

• The pipe organ in the church is also an item of note. It was installed a few years after completion of the current sanctuary building in the 1920's. Purchased by the "First Methodist Espiscopal Church, Clanton, AL" from the M.P. Moller company it is designated as Opus 4518, or musical creation 4518. Originally, the organ had 2 "manuals" (keyboard levels) and 32 registers but the original console was replaced sometime around the turn of the century by another console with three ranks. At the same time the console was replaced it was relocated from directly in front of the pipes, over to one side. The original console was traded in to get the "new" console (which was actually used from another church). The original pipes remain in place. This information was obtained from the "OHS Pipe Organ Database", organ ID 45427, and from verbal discussion with Sibley Reynolds in Jan 2013. Persons with personal knowledge of additional or more specific information about the organ should email the church so that more may be added here. Here are some photos of the organ: console back, console front (keyboard side), pedals, and pipes.

The history of CFUMC has been the subject of articles in the Clanton Advertiser as follows:

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