Purpose of Clanton First United Methodist Church

In this context, we refer to "Mission" as the statement of purpose/goals of our congregation, not as the outreach activities of this church. Such a mission statement for CFUMC was adopted in 2006. It was the result of a consultation with Paul Nixon in which he made a strong suggestion that any organization would benefit from going through the process of identfying and recording its mission. CFUMC had also gone through “40 Days of Purpose” providing an impetus for the church to define its purpose. The Administrative Council named a task force to put it together and then the Council adopted the work of the task force as the official mission of the church. These activities are recorded in the minutes of the Administrative Council in 2006. The following mission statement was adopted as an outline of a fourfold mission of this specific congregation of Christians at CFUMC:
As the family of God at First United Methodist Church, we exist to WELCOME everyone- to extend Christian hospitality to all people, because everyone matters to God and Jesus Christ died for all people. We also exist to WIN people to a personal relationship with Christ- to share the good news of Jesus Christ, His love, and His transforming grace through teaching the Bible. Our third purpose is to EQUIP believers to follow Christ daily through making the Bible our authority for living and by becoming a part of the life of our church as we accept, love, and forgive one another in committed relationships that make us more like Jesus. Our last purpose is to SERVE Christ’s mission here in Chilton County and around the world- that lives may be changed for now and eternity as we proclaim through word and deed that Jesus Christ is Lord. Amen.

An abbreviation of this mission statement is shown immediately above our name in the logo at the top left of every one of our webpages, reminding us all of our purpose.
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