Music at CFUMC

Chancel Choir

All adults are welcome to participate in the Chancel Choir. Some experience in singing and reading music is helpful but certainly not required. The choir's primary responsibility is to provide music for the 11:00 traditional worship service. Other opportunities include Christmas & Easter special music programs. Rehearsals are held on Tuesday evenings (starting 19 March 2019) at 6:30 pm on the second floor of the "Education Building", at the end of the hall, last room on the left. The choir room is accessible without using stairs by using the elevator. The Education building is the building attached to the back of the sanctuary of the church. Rehearsals normally last just one hour, but may be longer when rehearsing for special music programs. Our Interim Minister of Music and Choir Director, Scott Robertson, is knowledgeable and experienced in direction of choirs, bands, orchestras and other musical groups.

You may signup to be on the Chancel Choir email list here.

Elevate Praise Band

"Elevate" is the name of our Praise Band, a live musical group, presenting praise to God through modern music. Elevate's music may be heard every Sunday, only in our Contemporary Worship Service. You will be amazed at the talent of this band! Elevate has made recordings of many of their songs, visit their web site for more information, as well as the Halo Productions site.

While the full Elevate group consists of eleven members including lead guitar, bass guitar, acoustic guitars, drums, keyboard, vocals and possibility of brass, woodwind and string instruments at times, they often present praises to God with a slimmed-down version of the group when smaller venues are needed. Whatever size, the Elevate Worship Band always presents quality music to the glory of God and in Jesus' name. Come to hear the music and get a serendipitous message from God at the same time.

The Elevate Worship Band was founded by and currently led by Tommy Lenoir and Mike Graham, both members of the Clanton First United Methodist Church.

The Organ

Not just every small town Methodist church has a pipe organ. No, we looked it up -- while there may be more than 50,000 pipe organs in the world, not every church has one. : ) The oldest playable pipe organ was built in Switzerland in 1435. Pipe organs have long represented the ultimate in church accompaniment. The one at Clanton First United Methodist was made by the same manufacturer that made the largest pipe organ in a religious structure in the world at the Cadet Chapel, United States Military Academy, West Point, New York. Built in 1911 by M. P. Möller, that console is four manuals and pedal, whereas ours is only three manuals, but who's counting?

At any rate, our pipe organ is played by the extremely talented and inspiring, Mary Morris. From the tinkling chimes every Sunday morning to the full blasts from the pipes during some particularly inspiring organ piece, the sounds of the pipe organ augment the full experience of worshipping God in Clanton, AL. See a little more about this pipe organ on our history page.

More Musical Talent

Musical talents abound at Clanton First United Methodist Church. For music as near to heavenly as you are likely to hear on earth, join us to hear some of our rare talent.

Not to brag, but we're just saying, we also have the Concertmaster of the Birmingham String Orchestra in our church. Once in a while she can be persuaded to bless us with a violin ambrosia that goes right to your spirit -- inspiring, moving, and gladdening your heart. It's so beautiful, we have to limit the number of occaisions she presents it, or we'll just never leave the sanctuary!

In addition to these individuals, we have frequent presentations from a clarinetist (doubles as bass singer), a saxophonist (doubles as Minister of Music), and others. Whether you just like to hear music or you have a talent on an instrument, there are always opportunities here to display your talent for the glory of God or recieve a special blessing from the sounds.

Nancy Bentley volunteers to serve as pianist for the River Church service in the Summertime. Again, we reserve her talents for limited display so as not to overwhelm the congregation with awe.

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