Recorded Worship Services

Instructions for players above

1. Click (or touch) on the play button on the player for your choice of worship service, either "Traditional Services" or "Contemporary Services". On a computer running Windows, the player will begin playing within a few seconds. On a computer running iOS (Apple), the entire 1 hour recording will be buffered before playing begins. That can take up to a couple of minutes.

2. For skipping forward: On a Windows computer you can click and drag the slider to the point you want to listen. Note however, if the player has not had time to buffer the recording to the point you attempt to listen, there will be a delay until the player is able to download the file to that point. It will then begin playing on its' own. For an iOS computer, once the entire recording is downloaded as explained above, you may skip ahead to any point without any delay in playing at the new point. You cannot move the slider ahead until the entire recording has been downloaded.

3. There may be some silent time on the recording before the actual service begins.

4. The players automatically start ready to play the current week's services. If you want to hear a previous week, use the "prev" and "next" buttons on the player. Oddly, the "next" button brings you to the chronologically previous week.

4. These recordings are of the complete services including hymns, prayers, etc.

5. Happy listening! We pray that God gives you His intended message from these recorded worship services.
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