United Methodist Women

The overall UMW group is divided into small groups referred to as "Circles." There is currently only one Circle that makes up the United Methodist Women's group at CFUMC:

  • Daughters of Dorcas Circle meets at 11:00 am the second Tuesday of the month in the Crossroads Cafe.

Schedules vary during the summer months and in December there may be special Christmas luncheons. Unit Meetings, when all UMW members come together, are held quarterly, but since there is only one circle right now, all meetings are unit meetings.

Clanton UMW holds an annual Soup Day, normally held in November each year. On Soup Day, its all hands on deck to provide what is likely to be the best soup the community has ever had, and for an extremely reasonable price. Soup Day is the primary fundraising activity of our UMW.

The current President of our UMW group is Carla Lumpkin. Please contact her through our church office or email her for further information about this group.

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