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In anticipation of your questions about our worship services, we offer the following:

What do Methodists believe?

The term "Methodist" refers to the origins of our denomination. While studying at Oxford in the early 1720's, John Wesley, his brother Charles, and several other students formed a group devoted to study, prayer and helping the underprivileged. They were labeled "Methodist" by their fellow students because of the way they used systematic "rule" and "method" to go about their religious affairs.

Methodism shares the following basic beliefs in common with all Christian communities as paraphrased from the "Apostles Creed":
  • We believe in one God who made heaven and earth,
  • and in Jesus Christ, God's only Son.
  • Jesus was conceived by the Holy Spirit and born of the virgin, Mary.
  • Jesus suffered at the hand of Pontius Pilate, a Roman prefect in Judea from AD 26 - 36.
  • Jesus was crucified, died on the cross and was placed in a tomb.
  • On the third day after dying on the cross, Jesus arose from the dead and ascended to heaven to join God there.
  • We believe in the Holy Spirit,
  • the world-wide church, the union of all members of the church,
  • the forgiveness of wrong doings,
  • the resurrection of our bodies when Jesus returns,
  • and in never ending life.
Read more frequently asked questions about Methodism here.

How do I get to the Church?

We are located within the city limits of Clanton, AL. We are about three blocks west, then one block north from the Chilton County Courthouse. For your GPS, our address is 207 8th Street North, Clanton, AL 35045. Also see our maps of our location. If you are still not sure about how to get to us, call us at 205-755-0490 or email us and we'll make sure you get whatever directions you need. We just want to be sure that you do find us!.

Into which building should I go?

Please see our [campus diagram]
Diagram of Campus Building locations
or [aerial photo]
Aerial View of Campus Area
to see where to go for the various worship services. There are four primary forms of worship service:

• Traditional Worship
Our 8:30 and 11:00 am traditional services are held in the sanctuary, except in Summer, when the 8:30 service is replaced by an early worhsip service held at Lake Mitchell.

• Contemporary Worship, "Hydrate"
Our 9:30 am contemporary service meets in our gym in the Activity Center.

• Hispanic Worship, "San Juan Mission"
Meets in the brick building about a block south of the Sanctuary. The service starts at 11:30 am.

• River Church
Only in summertime (Memorial Day - Labor Day) an ecumenical service is held at the Johnny Trobaugh Pavilion on Lake Mitchell starting at 8:30 am on Sundays.

You will get the best feel for the warmth of our church by physically attending the service of the style that interests you. However, if you like, you may get a preview of the Traditional and Contemporary services by listening to one of our recorded services available online.

Also see our Worship page for more details on each service if you are undecided which is appropriate.

Where Should I Park?

We reserve several parking spots that are only a few steps away from the doors to each of our services. Park along the north side of the Activity Center (metal building west of the sanctuary) in spots reserved there or along the north side of the sanctuary several spots are reserved. We REALLY MEAN FOR YOU TO PARK THERE. : )

How should I dress?

Dress however you feel comfortable. With the broad range of people who come to CFUMC, you'll see many types of attire. Some come to our traditional services in their “Sunday best,” while you're more likely to see t-shirts and jeans in our contemporary and Hispanic services. However, you'll see all styles of dress in all services. We want to see you regardless of your choice of attire.

What should I bring?

It's not necessary to bring anything but yourselves. While certainly not a requirement, some people like to bring their own Bible so that they can follow along and make notes during the sermon. If you prefer, however, there are pew Bibles available for your reference and a sermon outline with space for notes is provided in a bulletin insert.

What about my young children?

A nursery is available for children, infants to age 2. Older children (ages 3 - 10) may be interested in attending worship with you or may want to participate in our Children's Worship at 11:00 am.

I'm disabled. Is there an entrance to the worship services for me?

Yes. To enter the sanctuary for 11:00 am and 8:30 am worship service, enter at the side door (about midway between the sanctuary and the education building). The appropriate door is marked with directions to the "Office". There will be a greeter there that can direct you to the elevator, or if not, enter the side door and the elevator will be on your right. Elevator takes you up to the second floor from which you may then turn to the left as you exit the elevator and enter the sanctuary from either of two doors on that level. The "Hydrate" contemporary worship service in the Helen Parrish Activity center is on ground level and therefore may be entered from either of the two doors along 3rd Avenue.

I'm new to Chilton County. Can you help me settle in?

If you've just moved to Chilton County, welcome! Links are provided below for services we anticipate that you may be concerned about as you settle in.

Enrolling Children in School -- Chilton County Schools
Our Program for Pre-School
General information about the City of Clanton
Chilton County General Info -- Chilton County Chamber of Commerce
Obtaining/renewing an Alabama driver's license -- AL Dept of Public Safety, Document Requirements and Fees
Real property tax in Chilton County -- Chilton County Office of the Tax Collector, property page
Motor vehicle registration/licensing information -- Chilton County Office of the Tax Collector, motor vehicle page
Voter registration -- Alabama Votes

If you have any other needs, please don't hesistate to contact us. We'll be more than happy to help you out.

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